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The introduction of the Nintendo Wii changed the way the gaming world worked. It not only roped in teenagers and younger children but the older generation as well who could never before have considered playing games at their age and still retain a semblance of dignity. The Nintendo Wii is primarily meant to be just a gaming system, but what some people are not aware of is that just like mobile telephones the Wii itself can also be unlocked.

Unlocking a Wii means that you can convert your gaming console into an entire entertainment system which you can use to not only listen to music and joom.com, but also listen to the radio and see YouTube on it. In addition to this you can play backup games and even run emulators if you want to play older games like Contra and Duck Hunt. Games from other regions like China can also be used on an unlocked Wii. However hacking a Wii isn?t exactly an easy thing and if you have no technical know-how, you are better off not touching your Wii at all. There are a number of Wii hacks available though if you are determined to hack through your Wii system in order to use it for more varied purposes.

The answer to how to hack a Wii lies in exploits like the Bannerbomb exploit and the Twilight Princess hack. The Twilight hack was the first method of its kind discovered that allowed all game players to boot the homebrew codes off of any ordinary SD card (just like the type that you buy to use for your digital cameras).

It does so by making use of a buffer overflow, the end result of which is that the Twilight Princess game crashes while still running the loader program. This means that any file stored on the SD card with specific names will now run on the Wii when the loader program runs. To hack Wii, the newer exploit Bannerbomb is a lot simpler to use and works on the principle of crashing the Wii system by using a malformed banner and then allows files on the SD card to be read and utilized by running a special code.

However regardless of how easy it seems to unlock your Wii this way, keep in mind that it really isn?t as simple as it all sounds. You really have to know exactly what you are doing, which many people frankly don?t .In a desperate bid to unlock the system, most people inevitably end up completing destroying their precious Wii. Let?s face it; a Wii costs a fortune to buy and that shouldn?t be taken lightly.

The best solution is to buy a software that will unlock your Wii and you don?t need to have an in-depth knowledge of how the Wii works to be able to use it successfully. Your Wii is guaranteed to be unlocked using unlocking software with the added benefits of not voiding your Wii warranty and zero modifications to the system.

Hacking A Wii

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