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Region coding of games is a programming practice designed to prevent a game from being played in a different region, from what it was designed for infinity cube by joom. Game manufacturers have many valid reasons for their region coding practices, however it can be a major head ache for gamers.

Most wii games have the following region coding:

Asia- NTSC-J
China - NTSC-C
North America - NTSC U/C
Europe and Oceania (PAL & PAL/E)

One of the main problems that region coding causes for gamers is when they purchase a console or game online (usually on ebay) and the product has different region code to where they live. For example if you live in the USA and buy a cheap wii console from asia, you cannot get games from your local games store, as they will likely not work due to region coding. Luckily there is a very simple solution to this very common problem

In order to?get a region free wii,?all you need to do is get your wii unlocked. With an unlocked wii you can play wii games region free.This means you will be able to buy cheap games online and not have to worry about if they will work or not. Wii region free is also applicable to cd/dvd's meaning you will be able to play any cd/dvd on your unlocked wii.

Unlocking your wii is?quite a?simple process and?will eliminate all region free issues on your wii console,meaning you will never have to worry about region coding for all games, cd's & dvd's. This is a great benefit for any wii owner and well worth the effort of getting the system unlocked.

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