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Unlocking Your?Wii - What Are The Benefits?

Already having hours of fun playing your wii? Have you heard about getting you wii unlocked but not sure about it? Then take some time to consider the many benefits of?unlocking a wii before deciding to unlock your wii. The primary wii unlock benefits are as follows:

Playing downloaded & copied games - This means you can download games and play them on your wii console. You can also make copies of any new game you purchase, store the new disk in a safe place and just play the backup disk, check it joom.com. This is a great way to prevent any risk of damage to new game disks.

Wii Homebrew - Homebrew opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your wii console, check out the wii homebrew page for more info

Play Cd, Dvd, MP3 - An unlocked Wii will play cd's and dvd's. This is really great if you have a surround sound system on your tv. Also?the wii is region free when unlocked, meaning you can play media with any region coding. Mp3&Mp4 playback is available through the use of an sd card

Play Games From Old Consoles - Got an old favourite game that you feel like playing, but your old console doen't work or has been thrown out. With the use of emulators you can be playing games from different consoles with no problems.

Keep Your Warranty - By soft modding your wii the warranty is not voided as there is no physical alterations to the console.

Unlocking your wii offers some really great benefits, and is also a very safe process if you use a good unlocking guide. There is no?chance of "bricking" your wii?when using a quality unlocking product.?Check out the wii unlock?product reviews to find out how to unlock your wii, and make a decision on the best wii unlocking program for you.

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